Tread seperation


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Tread seperation

What are some of the possible symptoms of tread seperation.

Car 1996 Dodge Neon. Car has a very pronounced shimmy driving. Front right tire has a small leak. While driving can also hear a rubbing type noise from the front right tire. Inspected tire, and it appears fine, no signs of actual seperation.

I strongly believe it is tire seperation, but curious what you all think. Also is there any other possible causes for this.

I intend to go and replace the front two tires tomorrow anyways, as the one already has a leak.

Could the shimmy possibly be the tire lost a weight, and is no longer properly balanced?

Car does drive straight, so not an alignment issue.

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Swap the tires front to back. If the problem goes to the back, it's wheel and tire related.

As such, replace the defective tires.
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Good idea Joe, I will definately try that. Barring that, any other possible causes? (I won't have access to the web over the weekend, so I would like to get as many ideas as what this could be, although I will definately troubleshoot one at a time, starting with the cheapest, and most likely cause)
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Depending on where you go to get your tires, you can have them give your suspension a once over and see if anything needs attention. What you describe definately sounds like a tire related problem, but it could be other problems as well. Look under your car and see if anything looks like it has "sprung a grease leak" Not absolutely a sign, but could be a place worth investigating.
hope this helps,
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I agree with the threads. have the guys check your front end.
I am no ASC Certified mechanic, but I have worked at Trak, Napa
and a brake supply jobber. May be a right tie rod end. Also check tread
wear. Insist on Moog tie rod ends if the problem.
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You can, in most cases, feel tread seperation by running your hand over the tire, tread and both sidewalls. If you feel a high spot where the tire is not absolutely smooth there is your tread seperation. Most any tire shop will look at your tires for free.
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