1987 sable a/c not cold


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1987 sable a/c not cold

Retrofitted car from r12 to r134a, changed accumulator, liqued line with Orifice tube, and evaporator(original leak). flushed all remaining components with high Quality a/c flush, and blew out with compressed air till i got no more oil. i removed compressor, drain and flushed. added 10 o/z of ester oil (book calls for 10 oz). hooked system completely back up, turned compresser over by hand 10 times, vac system down to 30hg for 15 mins. using small cans, with engine off, charged one can into high side in upright poss. started engine, charged another can into low side. pressures durring cycling are low: 20-50 high: 150-200. there is no cold air inside vehicle, between the orifice tube and evaporator the line is ice cold, the line coming out of the evaporator is warm, i am also getting water dripping out of heater box. did i do something wrong? or is there possible another problem?

thanks in advance
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well sounds like you may have a blend door problem or heater control valve problem, you might try blocking the flow of coolant to the heater core by pinching the line and then see if it starts getting colder, which would tell you if you have a blend door or heater control valve problem.
the amount of r134a to use can vary on application but general rule is to use 75% of the r-12 capacity if you only have put 2 12 ounce cans you may not have enough freon in the sytem as of yet. there is 16 oz to a pound.
the liquid line should be cold and if its dripping water out of the drain from condensation is normal and a good sign i suspect a problem with the blend door not closing all the way.
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just found the problem, i wasnt charging alot of r134 into system because high pressure was climbing rapidly, come to find out, DUH! cooling fan is not kicking on, in tracing wires, found the dropping resistor for low speed control of the fan, the resistor is n/g. if i jump resistor fan comes on and guess what!! pressures drop.

thanks for info!!!
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Yup, the cooling fan must work properly or the A/C system will not work very well .

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