Acura radio/tape deck hookup


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Acura radio/tape deck hookup

I bought a used radio/tapedeck out of an Acura and would like to install it in my olds but the wires on the r/td were cut so I don't know what wires are the power and what wires are the speakers. the plug is still on the back of the radio with about 1foot of wires can anyone help me with the color codes on the wires.
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Why would you buy an Acura radio to put in an Oldsmobile? There are plenty of GM factory radios for later cars that will fit into this vehicle and sound just as good.

This will be a nasty erector set of wiring and probably will be a nightmare to hook up. Get a radio from a GM vehicle and it should even be a direct plug in for many cases.
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get a 120AC to 12 VDC power supply converter from a friend or an electronics store. they are $35-$40 so if a friend has one its better to borrow.
get 2 speakers. play guessing game and see which of the power
wires are--- blk/red and the ones which are the speaker wires. Its easier
than laying on your back in the car. Now like Joe said, the mounting will
look like sh*t since it doesnt belong in a GM vehicle.
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If you had the wiring diagram for both cars it could be done, but by the time you did all that, I'd be listening to tunes in the car with a radio that directly interchanged .

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