GMC Sonoma Brake System Light


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GMC Sonoma Brake System Light

hi all,

I have a 1991 GMC Sonoma p/u that has a brake system warning light that just came on today. I was dropping off some stuff at a friends house, and he has a very steep driveway. I decided to back-up the drive to make it easier to unload. In the process, my tires slipped several times. I noticed this indicator light then, right after I left.
I'm assuming it has to do with the tires slipping while backing up.
Is there a chance the indicator will go out on its own eventually??
thanks in advance
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Check fluid level

I would check fluid level first on level ground.It might be that there is a low level switch that set when you were on an incline.
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When's the last time it saw brake service?
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is it the red light or the yellow light

red light means you have the e-brake on or a mechanical fault with your brakes(or some cars have a low fluid sensor)

yellow light means an abs problem, do you have 4 wheel anti-lock brakes(not 4X4), two wheels(or one wheel) spinning will usually turn a light on, the computer doesn't know how only one wheel can spin and will usually set a code for the non spinning wheel, but usually this has to happen for about 15-30 seconds.

if it's 2-wheel anti-lock(known as RWAL) you could have also tricked the computer with rapidly spinning and stopping the tires, out of the computer's known parameters

if it was my truck, and this only happened with the situation you described, i'd unhook the battery for a while and see what happens, this will clear an rwal system, not sure about 4wal. if the light comes back, you need to check the stored fault codes
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thanks all,

checked the fluid already, looks OK.

not sure of your exact definition of "brake service", but I know I had new shoes and drums installed last inspection.

mike in nj:

I've got 4WD with anti-lock in the rear only, and my truck only has one indicator lamp, a red one that goes on and off as you apply the parking brake, but also comes on if you have some problem with either the conventional or anti-lock brake system.

I'm sure I have the computer good and confused. I basically was doing a brake torque (right foot on the gas, left on the brake) to try to get up into his driveway without spinning the wheels.

I thought about disconnecting the battery as you had suggested.
I'll give it a try and post back.

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You partially answered the question: It had brakes last year.

In theory, that should mean the braking system is OK, but if the red light comes on, you either left the parking brake on or there is hydraulic failure in the system---must be fixed without delay.

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