Cleaning Rims


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Cleaning Rims

I have a Saab 9-3, 1999. I have the alloy wheels. I think they are alloy, they are not hubcaps. The problem is the front two get black from the breaks I believe. The back rims don't have the problem. My question is what can I use to clean the black off the rims. It sticks pretty good. Is there a cleaner that will take it off with out scrubbing?

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Any mag wheel cleaner designed for the purpose will do. Check a any parts store.

Polish the rims with Mother's Gold and they will look great as I did on my 1979 Trans Am.
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A cheap way is to use "Dawn" dishwashing liquid and a brush.
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citronella, a wash mitt and rinse with cold water. Do not use any sort of caustic wheel cleaner as it very well could harm the clearcoat finish.

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