How to install shims on disc brakes


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How to install shims on disc brakes

My brother installed new brakes on the front and rear of my 96 Buick SkyLark - no problems.
A shaking started in the front the very same day he did it. I took it to a local tire place - they said the front tires were out of balance and I needed it aligned - I think they took me for a ride - it did not help. They said the front rotors might need to be turned.
My brother said I needed new tires - my husband said I didn't - the 3rd and 4th opinion said I didn't.
So I talked my brother into having the rotors turned and then switching the front tires for the back. Well - it was tires - the shaking is in the back. NOW when I step on the brakes - it does the thump thump thumping -
Well - it sounded like the back brakes - I took it back to the tire center - they adjusted the back brakes - did not help - said I probably need shims in the front.

SO - My question is - HOW do I install brake shims ?

Thanks in Advance.
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darrell McCoy
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A horror story> Sounds like you are getting the run around. If the problem only started after the brake job, then it is likely the cause of the problem now. Back drum brakes usually last considerable longer than front disc brakes. But thats beside the point. I think you need a reliable shop to help you now with the problem. Front rotors should have been checked to begin with.
What quality of brakes were used. Strange, sometimes you have to pay X2 for a repair that should have been done right the first time. Dont think all the shims in the world is gonna help you much at this point. Since the "tire" place did some repairs and diagnosis and it didnt solve anything, I would have a little talk about what you payed them for their part of the service. Trial and error is usually very costly.
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If you have one or more bad tires, for starters replace them. And go to a different tire store. Not to beat you up, but your first mistake was letting the tire store off the hook when the balance and align didn't fix your original problem. You should have INSISTED they fix your problem at no additional charge OR refunded your money for the balance & align that apparently may NOT have been necessary. I would NOT go back to that garage.

Post back as much more information on the problem as you can so we can get a clear picture of what it is doing. I doubt your fronts need any kind of shims; somebody's guessing. You could have something somewhat unrelated such as a bad CV/axle.
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Great minds think alike, Darrell!
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I agree with both posters.

Original poster: Whoa Nelley. Too many parts changers involved here.

First: Under what conditions is the problem happening? Only braking? Only accelerating? Both? That will determine where the problem lies.

Let's go from there.

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