Mercury window jams


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Unhappy Mercury window jams

Car Info: 1992 Mercury Grand Marqui, 4-door; purchased used 10/2003 with one previous owner; relevant feature: locks and windows all controlled from driver panel

Problem: Today I discovered that the driver side passenger window isn't functioning properly. When I first tried to raise the window with the control, the window locked up. I was able to lower it about half way; then it stuck. I could hear the motor inside the window running, but something was preventing the window from moving. I suspect the problem lies in the mechanism.

I drove home and obtained assistance from my aunt who managed to manually push the window up as far as she could. The remaining crack was patched with a plastic bag to prevent rain from getting into the car. (We're expecting possible rainstorms in our area.)

Naturally, I will call soon to get this repaired as soon as possible. However, this is in the midst of the fact I will be moving in two weeks and so this is poorly timed. I would like advice as to what type of repair shop would be best. Is this a make/model specific problem or can any shop deal with this? Can anyone estimate the cost of repair so I can prioritize this amongst other things I have scheduled and budgeted?

The only other maintenance that has been done on the car since purchase is an oil change, which included the installation of new wiper blades. So far, the car has performed well, despite its age and its multitude of features (more things to go wrong).

Overall, is there advice for care and maintenance of older vehicles (10+ years) available so that hopefully I can head off possible future problems?
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IT'S TRUE, it's true, i have been abducted by aliens, and they put me back in the wrong time. the proof is right here, he bought his car in 10/2003, my calender says 7/2003, a full three months behind where i was, see, i told you all, and all you did was laugh at me, now who's laughing!!!

sorry, i couldn't resist.

is the motor running smoothly and the window not moving, or is it jammed and stalling the motor, if it's jammed, i'd spray the rubber window 'slides' (where the edges of the window rests ) with a heavy dose of silicone spray.

if the motor is running smoothly and the window can be pushed all the way up or down without effort, something is broke inside the door, any competent or even incompetent shop could fix this, listen to all the replies in the next 24-48 hours as i'm sure someone has already fixed this particular model, then see if you're up to this task.
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Ford/Motorcraft used to market something called Mini Vent Lube for vent windows and it was EXCELLENT for lubricating the track.

I believe this model Ford uses a plastic tape to drive the regulator like a GM model, but you can check with a dealer on that. Perhaps a tooth of the tape is missing and it's getting caught.

As Mike said, any shop can handle the problem, ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.

As for maintenance on a car this old, follow the maintenance schedule in the glovebox that the manufacturer put there.

Unfortunately, this 4.6 V8 suffers from wicked puffing/poor oil control. I'm behind at least 10 of these a week that smoke/burn oil .
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Thanks for comments. Sorry about date typo (forgot to subtract a year). I think I would prefer competent help as I am already familiar with what can go wrong with large, "featured" cars, especially in their late years. Electrical and mechanical systems start to deteriorate at a certain age. That's why I asked about older cars and other people's experiences with them. My new apartment lease will include a garage so I can keep it safe from the weather, at least at night.

I think there's something wrong with the mechanism. The motor runs just fine. The window did move down a short ways, then it stopped, but wouldn't go back up. There could be something blocking it for all I know. I can imagine how leaves and other debris could get trapped inside the door. One of my friends I talked to mentioned a similar problem with her vehicle.

My problem is lack of time to schedule any kind of repair. I am on track to move Aug 1st to a new apartment in a neighboring county. Also, my roommate is moving to a new apartment this week and my mother is prepping her home for sale. I work M-F hourly, with some weekend hours as an office temp (no vacation time). If I can get the window all the way up and sealed tight against the rubber, I will simply not operate that window until I can get it into a shop. The garbage bag patch is meant to be a temporary fix to keep the rain out of the car, but I want to limit the time the duct tape is afixed to the glass.

When I get a chance, I will call several shops to get an estimate for repair and hope there's no special part involved. I have other car (same car) issues, but will bring them up at a later time. This is my first post and I appreciate the help. I used to rely on my father for auto help, but he passed away April 1999, so I've had to turn to other resources. This is a great service!
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This car uses a cable type regulator. They fail often, & I suspect yours has failed.

The new part lists for $65-$80. The labor guide allows 1.2 hours for the repair.
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sounds like the regulator is bad, fairly common problem cable and pulley system that is of poor design however most manufactures are using this style of regulator.
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