Cracked Exhaust Manifold - Fixable ??


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Angry Cracked Exhaust Manifold - Fixable ??

I have a '98 Honda Civic LX with the 4 cyl engine. For a couple of weeks now, I've heard a louder than normal exhaust noise when I first start the enginge. But then it goes away after 5 minutes or even less. Well, I tracked it down and it is a crack in the exhaust manifold right where the pipes from the 2 left hand cyl meet the main pipe going down to what ever is underneath it (haven't gotten to the library yet to check out the repair manual to see what all is there). Evidently when the pipes get hot, the metal expands and almost seals itself back up.

Anyhow, can this crack be repaired in any way ? I tried JB Weld, but the exhaust must be too hot. Can the manf. be welded ? Any other epoxies, or sealants ? Or am going to have to bite the bullet and replace it ?

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.
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It probably could be fixed, but how long the repair would last is anyone's guess.

You could also try a used junkyard manifold. I do not think a new Honda OEM manifold is THAT expensive, but then again, Honda parts really soak you in cases like this.
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darrell McCoy
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Like Joe sez, maybe it could be fixed. BUT I wouldnt depend on it myself. Get a new or used one. Why do the job twice? If a shop did it, they would install another manifold. Take the weld $ and put it on another one.
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Thanks for the info guys. Yeah, its usually best to do it right the first time. I was hoping for an easy fix to get it to pass inspection (due this month), and then tackle changing it out when the weather cools off a little. Too hot right now here in Texas. Now I'll have to talk my wife into letting me air condition the garage . HA !

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An exhaust shop would probably not charge much to do the repair (depending on how easy it is to do and what has to come out of the way), and a better exhaust shop would work with you even if you brought them a used or new OEM part.
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Antony W. Serio
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I had the same problem before on a 2.5 in an '88 Pontiac 6000. First, I replaced the manifold with one from a junkyard. The 'new' manifold developed a crack in the same place within two months. I then took the original manifold to a muffler shop and had them weld the crack for 20 bux. That lasted about six months, untill it began to crack around the O2 sensor (I never could get the sensor out. The manifold broke in two when I tried to unbolt the sensor). Finally I gave in and got an OEM Pontiac manifold. It would have saved a lot of time if I had done that to begin with. I don't have the car anymore, but with luck, the new manifold will last it's new owner another 12 years.

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