Car-X opinions?


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Car-X opinions?

Front brakes squeak; no other problems. Brakes work fine, the pedal is tight, no pulling to either side.

Called Car-X about the squeak in my front brakes; they told me they'd check it out and if I needed new brakes the cost was $89.99.

Took my car (97 Lumina) in. They examined it and said it would cost $382 to repair. (Their mechanic felt a "wobbling" or some such when he used the brakes; I can feel nothing).

$167 for new rotors, $25 for hardware, $23 for cleaning back brakes (huh?), etc.

I told them I was going elsewhere for another opinion, and they immediately lowered their price to $227 (by offering cheaper parts).

The car does have 71,000 miles on it, and as far as I know no brake work has ever been done (though I could be wrong).

But the sudden price drop when I balked, and wanting to "clean" my back brakes, put me off.

So, the bottom line is, what do you think of Car-X? Any other franchises you recommend?


Dan Hughes, Champaign IL
[email protected] (please respond directly; I don't see this board much. Thanks!)
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Sound like bottom barrel parts changers to me. NEVER shop on price with brakes, always choose a place that installs the best parts and does the best work.

An independent shop that's competent will equal or better that price and effect a more quality repair.

Stay away.
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Responding directly defeats the purpose of the forum. We keep all replies in the forum so that others can also benefit.

Now, for your problems:

I've never heard of Car-X, so I can't comment on them directly. Their estimate, however, seems out of line.

New rotors are only necessary if your existing rotors are too thin to safely machine. The actual measurement as well as the discard spec. should be shown on the repair order.

They may have tried to sell you new rotors due to excessive runout. In that case, the runout measurements should have been noted on the R.O. as well.

Rotors can be machined to eliminate runout, but many shops have found a high comeback rate when machining certain FWD rotors & therefore always recommend replacement rather than resurfacing to correct this condition.

Excessive dust buildup in rear drum brakes can cause a squealing noise. $23 to clean the rear brakes isn't really out of line.

Bottom line:

Look for another shop. Make sure you get an estimate in writing that explains the problem(s) with your brake system and the cost to repair this problem. Have the service writer explain anything you don't understand. Take your business elsewhere if the service writer can't explain the repair(s) to your satisfaction.

Make sure the shop installs high quality brake pads. The cheap pads squeal like crazy & usually wear out quickly.
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i WOULDN'T let that company do the job for sure! if you can't do it yourself, you may want to do some research in your area for an HONEST repair center. I think if the rotors were shot, you would feel a wobble/vibration of some sort. sounds like car-x is just a BIG rip joint.
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