82 dodge


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82 dodge

i have 82 dodge slant 6/225 i have to replace the one way valve on the exhaust pipe that come from the smog/air pump it looks like the original unit. i need tips on how to break that bolt loose with damage to the pipe itself thanks
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heat, lots of heat. i used to heat them up til they glowed, you want the check valve as hot as you can get it, while trying to get no heat onto the exhaust pipe, that way the valve will expand off the pipe (in theory) the night before, soak it real good with a rust penetrant a few times. heat it as hot as you can get it, then try tapping the big nut with a small hammer to break the rust loose, then you have to use two wrenches, i use two large adjustable wrenches, even a pipe wrench would work, that usually makes it pop right off. unfortunately, sometimes the exhaust pipe is too thin from rust and it twists right off with the check valve, try to hold the pipe as steady as you can with the wrench.
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If it's really rough, it may be more cost effective to have a good muffler shop handle it for you. They have all the heat you could need .

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