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need advice info on 97 jeep cherokee sport repairs

Hi - I am wondering if it is worth it to repair my 97 jeep cherokee sport (4wd, 4L, 6 cyl - 98,000 miles). I've already spent $1500 replacing the compressor, etc when the A/c went out, and now I'm told I need a new evaporator core and orifice line now because they are leaking (they put 1 lb. of R14 freon in it but tell me it might only last 1 week). I'll also need to replace the brakes, muffler now and next year I'll need tires.

It also has possible probs with the fuel injector (when I am low on gas (when the idiot light comes on) and go around a corner it is quite sluggish - I usu have 3 gals left when the light comes on.

Does anyone know how reliable the Jeep 97's are if I spend the approx $4000 to fix it will it fail on me soon after (say 100K miles or would I get another 50,000 miles out of it) - I'm leaning toward getting a new vehicle because I live in Texas and it is getting very hot!

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nobody has x-ray vision to see what is going to break down in the next week, potentially every part could break, or nothing. every car needs brakes, mufflers and tires

if you do buy a new car, buy an extended warranty from the manufacturer, not an aftermarket one, yes some dealers sell aftermarket warranties, don't buy them, they are nothing but trouble and hardly cover anything. if you bought this jeep new, and bought chrysler's max care warranty for 7 year/100,000 miles, it would have paid for itself with this one repair and you would have had a free rental---see my point.

there's nothing wrong with your fuel injector, when the fuel is low it sloshes away from the fuel pump inside the tank, adding gas masks the problem, probably the pump module is loose inside or cracked(would have been covered too) it's not good to run a fuel tank low too FYI
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Depends on your situation. It probably wouldn't cost 4000 bucks to repair it if you shopped around for GOOD service at a reasonable cost.

You might ask yourself if you can basically replace this vehicle with $4000, and the answer is no . Plus do you want a monthly car payment hanging over your head (unless you pay for it in cash)?

My vote: Spend the money to fix it, finding someone that will do the repairs reasonably and with good quality.

Brakes, muffler, tires: Any vehicle needs these. Sounds like the truck needs a lot of good TLC/maintenance more than repairs.

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