88 Dodge Dynasty Elec. Windows


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88 Dodge Dynasty Elec. Windows

My front right window just stopped working. It does't go up or down, ad doesn't make any noise when the window switch is pushed. Can anyone give me some suggestions?
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bang on the door panel (inside)very hard with your palm, usually in the front/center area, and at the same time try to actuate it with a switch, if the motor has a dead spot this will usually jar it loose, then you know what needs to be replaced.

if not, time to take out the door panel and check for voltage and ground at the motor connector, if either is missing, it won't work, i hate these door panels, so many hidden screws(one behind the light cover too)

maybe try jiggling the wires that are in 'both' front door jambs(right and left doors) while holding the switch up or down, either side can break from the constant motion of the door opening and closing
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Correct. Can also power up the motor with external leads to see if it works. If it does, wiring/switch issue.
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I will give it a try, and let you know if your suggestions worked for me or not.
Thanks a lot!

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