ford drive line


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ford drive line

1993 Ford F150, 5.0 ltr, 4x4, 190,000 miles
now that we've got the engine going strong, on to the next project. I know the truck needs a tranny, but I believe there's more. I noticed a leak from the rear end before I parked the truck last week. It was headed for the jack stands when i began to hear "loose part" noises on the way home that day anyway. I noticed that the front seal of the rear end was completely free from it's seat. when i dropped the driveshaft, i could tell there was some free-play in the pinion. The flange seems to be securely attached to the pinion, but it can travel in and out about 1/4" to 3/8". When moving the pinion through that motion, it does engage the ring gear and therefore it turns slightly as you push and pull the flange. I have not tried to pull the flange yet, but I have removed the nut that holds it in place. I have pulled the cover plate on the rear of the rear end. all the parts seem to be intact, there is a slight burr on what seems to be the trailing edge of the lobes of the ring gear, but everything else seems fine. Also, before this happened, there was a definite whine coming from the rear end. Question is, can this be fixed, or do i just replace the whole rear end. I have decided that I will keep this truck as a project for fun, so I dont mind putting some time and money into it. Also, when shopping for a tranny, how do I know what kind to look for. The old one was equipped with a "towing package" (is that just a cooler). I have ;noticed that there a few different types of trannys that would fit a truck like mine. Which would be the best for good 4 wheel drive vehicle?
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An FQR rebuilt from Ford is the best for the tranny. Will have all updated parts and procedures.

The rear end sounds wasted. Have a GOOD competent shop set it up with new parts. It takes special tools to set up a rear end properly.
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