Seat belts not working


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Seat belts not working

I have a 1997 Olds Cutlass. Never really noticed it until my wife got a new 2003 Saturn. My seatbelts don't bounce back when I take them off. I have to tug them a bit to get them to retract.

The one in the back seat that my daughter's car seat used to be connected to does not go back at all. I can sit there and play with it for hours and it will not retract. Any tips on how to fix them?
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Seat belt retractors typically aren't serviceable for liability reasons.

You can visually inspect the retractor for a twisted belt & free it if it is twisted. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a new seatbelt retractor. FYI some junkyards won't sell used seatbelts for the same reason.
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On the 97 Olds. How do I get into the area where the retractors are located?
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Most times there are plastic covers that cover the retractor assembly.

Some involve the removal of the seats and other related trim to get to the retractors.

Chances are if they do not retract after pulling them out, the assemblies are not working properly and likely have to be replaced.

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