1990 honda half shaft replace and tie rod


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1990 honda half shaft replace and tie rod

I have a 1990 honda accord LX 4 door. it makes a clunking sound on the right side when the clutch is engaged and I am taking a turn. I took it to a repair shop for an estimate and it appears I need to replace the half shaft, the tie rod and the cv boot. i went to the chilton site recomended here and there is pretty detailed info on how to replace the half shaft and I think I can figure out the Tie rod. I am new to this and was gonna start with an older GM model, but now this came up. I looked and I can see the broken cv boot and there is some play in the half shaft is this too ambitious of a first time project. I have anoter car to drive and I may get some help from a guy I work with who is very experienced, but id like to do it my self. going to the library now. if you guys think I can do it and save myself $600 bucks my wife will approve the purchase of a nicer car to tinker with other wise this is gonna put off my purchase for a few months.
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What makes doing drive shafts (cv style) the most difficult for most "home mechanics" is removing the drive axle nut and having to pop the axle out of the transmission while the car is on the ground..If you have access to air for tools, great! If not, a LARGE drive breaker bar and rachet, and the correct socket..the 4 most common sockets I use for drive axle nuts are 30,32,34,and 36 mm sockets...
As for the shop you took it to, hopefully they were'nt going to charge you for a new axle AND a boot on the same side??

The tie rod (assuming it's an outer) isn't too tough either..Just remember to count the number of turns your screw the old 1 off, so that when you install the new one, it's pretty close to being correct...I'd still recommend an alignment when you're all done though..If the tie rod needing replacement is an inner tie rod, usually it requires a special tool to remove them..
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MSA is correct.

Inner tie-rods require a special tool. Lisle makes it and I believe Autozone would rent it to you free of charge in their tool rental program.

An alignment is imperative after the repairs.

Buy a whole new axle (both joints, boots, etc,) ready to install from the parts store. Better off in the long run. Probably about $125 a side, depending on brand and model.
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I just did a 1992 Honda Accord right side shaft the other day. Of course I have air tools, a lift, and experience. It is not a difficult job at all. Like msargent said the axle nut itself is going to be the hardest part really. I have done many of them on the ground before I ever worked in a shop with lifts so its not too bad. I had the one out the other day in about 15 minutes. If you got an estimate of $600 just for a simple job like this, RUN and run fast. Thats highway robbery. We do them all day long for around $179 installed.
Hope this helps ya,

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