alignment of sprockets


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alignment of sprockets

Hello, i have a 1997 hyundai sonata GL 2.0 DOHC-16 vavle 4cyl.
No autoparts store has repair manual and the dealer won't help. NEED ASSISTANCE PLEASE. I am in the process of changing the water pump and Belts;( timing,alternator and a/c compressor) what i need is the whole timing alignment marks sequence of the Camshafts,Crankshaft and oil pan Sprocket VENUE. Any diagrhams,pictures and step by step procedure will do. I tried everywhere and had no success. I was referred to the site from a friend that acknowledge me and he's been getting great responses in his projects. I appreciate the help and GOD BLESS.
Thanks, STEPHEN Lalowski
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If below has nothing a $25 subscription will have what you want. Picture's worth a thousand words on something like this.

Also, there is some Hyundai specific information on the HMA link in my signature file below (as well as autolibrary).
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time to find another dealer who will help you.

i'll let people off the street look at service manuals all day long, as long as they don't take it. i've even photocopied entire chapters of drivibility tests(for codes) for people who care to take the time to fix it themselves.

from what i remember, older hyundais were powered by all mitsubishi powerplants, like the 1.5L, it wouldn't be too far a stretch for them to take the mitsubishi 2.0L dohc too. i've worked on far more than i care to recall of those engines. when a timing belt breaks on that engine, there's usually not much left to salvage, valves bent and broken into many pieces, valve parts inside the cat converter, valve parts jammed into the (now) broken pistons---that's an interferance engine interfering on your credit card. then some others wouldn't even hit at all, no damage.

reeseh: if you have the same (mistubishi) engine as i talked about, the timing and oil pump belts aren't that bad a job to do, it does require following instructions very carefully though as there are some specific procedures to do. this same engine had a recall in the 92 plymouth laser for the timing belt replacement and the time allowance was a wopping 2.5 hours, allow yourself an entire day to do it, as i can't see a sane person doing it without an air ratchet although it is possible, just hard to get to some bolts.

then again it could be a different engine and this all means nothing to you.
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i just checked out joe's link to hma service, it is the identical (mitsu) engine. that web site is pretty detailed in the timing belt(s) replacement procedure, just follow it closely and ask questions if you don't understand something
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be verrrry careful!

This engine uses balance shafts. The timing sequense involves a 6 X 45 mm dowell to confirm correct phasing of Bal. shaft lower. The tensioner is a combo hydraulic and ecentric adjustable unit. It should have .014 " of push rod exposed to confirm correct installation/adjustment. This is after all timing procedures have been followed. This engine has more pitfalls looming than most! How do I remember this without the book in front of me? I've had to testify about this engine in court on more than 1 ocasion. My credentials are: ASE CMAT and L1 (certified master auto tech. Advanced level) since '88 and a mitsu master in 88, Acura master in '92 Nissan master in '79. Because this is a rel interference engine- it'll absolutey disintegrate if the timing belt fails! I suggest a mitsu specialist!
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