1997 Ford Explorer


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1997 Ford Explorer

Yes I have a 1997 Explorer with 78,000 miles on it. It has a V-8 in it, I have never had no problems with it till I went and got my oil changed this last time. When they changed oil they told me I needed a new air filter so they changed that. So that was all they did was changed oil and air filter. Well later that day the Check engine light came on and the Explorer started not wanting to idle. So I parked it the the next day it would idle rough then want to cut off when it warmed up it got a little better and not cut off when I had to stop. When I am driving it is fine. Do you think they could have knocked something loose or something when changing oil or what. Any Ideas. How many miles in between tune ups, and what should I change for a tune up on this model. Thanks
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I would make them look to see if they knocked something loose.Then go to Autozone and get the codes read.Post back with that info,it's possible that he got oil on the mass air flow sensor somehow.
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There's a very good chance they didn't get the "cover" back on the air filter correctly. If I remember correctly, your air filter is a big cone shaped affair..The canister has a large clamp that holds the 2 halves together..The MAF is located in the housing of the filter canister and if they didn't get it back on correctly, it'll let "unmetered air" into the engine, causing the computer to go crazy trying to compensate...Not a hard thing to check...
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Agree with both.

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