Fuel Problem on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee

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Fuel Problem on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Car Details:
1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport
4.0l 6cyl Engine


We actually have 2 problems if anyone has insight.

1) Starting Problem: Takes 1 really long turn of the ignition or 2 shorter turns to get the car started

2) Stalling Problem: Car will stall on left turns when the fuel is low.

Work Already Done:

Changed Distributor Cap, Rotor Botton, and Spark plugs.
I didn't really expect this to fix the problem but I figured it was a good first setp and needed to be done regardless.

I am not that upset by the stalling problem as it can be fixed by keeping more fuel in the tank. The other problem however signifies a greater problem to me, plus this problem came on rather suddenly. The last thing I want is for my wife to call me upset and stranded.

I have done some research and this does not seem to eb uncommon. Seems like most everyone replaces the fuel pump. One of my concerns is that this seems to fix only a few of the people problems. the one case I read that most sounded like this the problem was not solved by 2 fuel pump replacements. Someone suggested a new fuel pressure regulator instead.

Anyone have any insight?

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In many cases on Chrysler, the regulator is part of the fuel pump assembly, so you'd be killing two birds with one stone.

Let the fuel level run low. Rent a fuel pressure gauge from Autozone and let's see what your pressure is. You may have to drive around with it taped to the windshield during this test to see if it drops or not.

Of course, check alldata.com for any bulletins that pertain to this problem.

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