Brake lights and signal lights out


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Question Brake lights and signal lights out

I bought a 98 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34 (3.8 L V6 engine)Monday and everything has been fine until today. I cleaned it out and while vacuuming the front I found the hazard light switch lying in the floor. I put it back into place, althought the switch appears to be broken, I made sure the hazard lights still worked. They did and I continued with vacuuming. Two hours later, I went to the store and discovered that my turn signal didn't work when making the turn. Replaced the fuse at the store, but neither signals worked either in the dash or front or back of car. Hazard lights only work when you push the switch down. While replacing fuse I discovered my brake lights were gone too. What in the world can be wrong? Husband checked all bulbs and fuses and everything seems to be fine. Please help.
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sounds as though you have a turn signal switch or multi function switch problem, are you sure the hazards are switched all the way off i have seen the hazard switch not completly off cause this problem also, but it should be replaced if its broke.
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I agree with Bejay. If so, the multifunction switch usually involves disarming the air bag on most cars. Not DIY work. You have to know how to disarm the airbag correctly.
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I would just like to thank Joe F and BeJay for their help. I went out this morning and took needle nose pliers and pulled up on the hazard switch and everything works now! Appears that even though I had to push down on the hazard switch to make it work, it was stuck in on position but not visible. I was in for a day at the shop with this problem and no car over the weekend. Would have costed me money I didn't have too. Appreciate quick response. THANKS!
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Good job and glad it's back in order again.

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