checled out local auto club think its worth it?


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checled out local auto club think its worth it?

My local community has an auto club. for $200 the first year and $140 each year after that. you get a stall for 3 months at a time for 45.00 per month. each member if they want it can usually get a stall 2 times per year, but guaranteed one three month block. they have a complete set of air tools, 2 lifts, several engine hoists a compleet body shop with all the tools, a paint booth all you really need is a car and hand tools? sound like a good deal? I want to build a classic car and can do some work at home but I checked out the price of a compresser and air tools and this sounds like a bet to me. at least for now plus there are alot of guys around to ask questions of. there is a 3 to 6 month waiting list to even join the club sound like anything anyone has heard of??
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sounds like a reasonable deal however if you have a place at home to work on cars you might consider investing in the compressor and airtools, that way when you do want to do any work on a car there is no wait for a stall to open up and no rush to finish it either. you do not have to spend a fortune on a compressor there is alot of cheaper brands in a 60 gallon upright size that is plenty large enough for about any airtool you would want to use and have a long service life if maintained, you might also check for a used compressor in order to lower the cost.
if you do not have a garage or shop at home to work on a vehicle then joining a club may be your best option.
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Doing the math, it seems like a good deal, financially speaking.

$200 + (45*3) = $335. 335 / 3 = $111.67 per month. This assumes you only get one 3 month block per year. That's cheap rent, and you get to use air tools & shop equipment too? It's an even better deal if you can get two 3 month blocks. ($78.33/month)

I'd check into their facility & make sure it's secure. Check around w/ existing club members & see what their experience has been. Make sure you read any membership agreement or contract carefully before you sign/join.

A club like this would be especially great for those who live in deed restricted communities or apartments & cannot work on their own cars at home.

As for air tools, etc. It always pays to own your own tools. I paid $400 for a 5HP/60 gallon home air compressor 14 years ago. It paid for itself in about 1 month. I still have it, it still works great & I've spent less than $100 in repairs/maintenance over the years.
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I agree with the others. You have to know why you are there though.

If you have the space at home, then it doesn't pay. Buy your own stuff and be done with it. Use Ebay, garage sales and swapmeets to help you keep your cost down. I got a $170 Sears tap and die set on Ebay for $110 with shipping, same thing as Sears, brand new .

As for my compressor, like the others, I got a deal on mine, I paid $60 for my 4hp/18 gallon compressor which was new at the time I bought it from a neighbor who couldn't use it. I found a $300 Snap On air rachet in the street and rebuilt it with .50 in O-rings. LOL

Tools are an investment with this hobby/pasttime. You have to pay if you want to play--but you can pay wisely if you do your homework.

Bottom line: Are you there for the space or the tools? It's worth it for the former, not for the latter.
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As an apartment dweller I'd give my left cashew for a set up like that. I also believe that working around other people you can get a hand and some timely advice which will keep you from making mistakes.
There was once a shop like that in Staten Island but it went under due to insurance costs.
My opinion it's a great deal.
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