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front end

I just had some front end work done on my 1991 Oldsmobile Delta 88. I had cv shafts replaced on both sides. When I reach speeds of 50 mph or higher the car has a slight shimmy. The mechanic rotated by tires. My tires have only 6500 miles on them and do not look worn. Could they need balancing? This mechanic works out of his house and does not have the equipment to balance tires or do alignments. After having work like this done, should the car be checked to see if it is out of alignment. It does not seem to need an alignment. What do you think? The car road so smoothly before that I would like to solve the problem.
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If rotating the tires did not solve the problem, it's likely not wheel and tire related.

Chances are a worn tie rod or a ball joint could be at fault, or the axle installed could be defective.

Have it looked at by the same guy (the front end). If he has no clue, choose a different mechanic who does have one.
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Anytime front end work is done an alignment should follow as the geometry of the front end is altered. Bring it to a good suspension shop and have the front end checked and the tires checked for tread seperation and balance. Also make absolutely sure the air pressure is correct. Air pressure not being on the money is a cause of a myriad of front end problems.
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If this job is done properly, it has no effect whatsoever on wheel alignment.

The knuckle & strut assembly remain intact. The knuckle is separated from the balljoint ONLY, so all alignment settings remain intact.
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Knuckles- You may want to qualify your repsonse with:
The knuckle is SUPPOSED to be separated from the balljoint ONLY,
LOL.. You never know what someone may do, or how they may do it.. (we JUST let a guy like this go today...Tore EVERYTHING apart to replace 1 cv boot...)
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LOL...I thought I was qualifying it by saying "if done properly"!!

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