87 taurus transmission


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87 taurus transmission

1987 ford taurus. V6, 3.0 ltr, fuel injected, auto trans.

This problem occurs consistently.

When I am driving down the road, and I reach about 35 mph, if I am still pressing the gas pedal, there is a violent shaking. Seems to be comin from the transmission. This generally happens whenever I switch into third gear and have my foot on the gas. Is this a bad transmission? My grandpa said it was a bad motor mount, so I checked them and one was broken. I replaced the motor mount. problem still happens. I think its time for a transmission rebuild. oh, 160,000 miles on this car. Any suggestions? What should I expect to pay for a rebuild on this particular transmission? Is this something simple I can fix at home? Thanks for any help guys.
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It could very well be a bad tranny.

Frankly, the car wouldn't be worth the expense at that point. The tranny repair exceeds the value of the car. These are problem prone transmissions and are very expensive to repair.

We'd need some more description of the problems. When was the last time the tranny fluid and filter were done? 160k on an original Taurus tranny is SUPERB. These usually die at half that mileage.
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