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auto repair

I have a 1997 lumina and have a radiator leak. The repair shop quote $575 for the repair. Can I use a sealer additive in the meantime? Don't have the$$ for repair now. Also, where's the thermostat,I think it's closed all the time?
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I know that's a tough bill to handle, but I wouldn't recommend any type of "stop-leak" additives for newer cars..Especially ones with aluminum/plastic radiators and aluminum heads. You take a very serious rick of overheating and blowing a head gasket and possibly cracking a head or 2...They just don't handle the heat they way the old cars used to..
As for the thermostat..Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine, and it's under the housing the hose is connected to..
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Thanks for the advise..
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$575 is WAY too much to pay for a radiator replacement for your car.

Do the job yourself. Get the part from . It'll likely cost less than $200. Get an alldatadiy subscription for $25 from for the service procedure or buy a service manual for the radiator R&R procedure and coolant refill/bleed procedure.

The job is very easy. Even a novice can do it with only common hand tools. Replace the thermostat and flush the cooling system at the same time.
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As knuckles said thats way too much cash.I would like to add however stop leak is not a repair but should be added after flushing the system because it was in the cooling system of every car built and you may open a can of worms if you don't add it.Every manufacturer adds some type of stop leak to the cooling system when they are being made.
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I agree with all posters. Watch out for those "offbrand" radiators, a lot of them are junk.

Get a Modine or an AC Delco. Worth the money. It will fit right and last the longest.

As MSA said, there is no "fix in a can". Fix it correctly.
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I agree with knuckles on Recently replaced the one in my wife's '95 Camry - under $130 for the aftermarket type delivered to my door the next day with lifetime warranty. OEM slightly higher.
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GM specifically advises AGAINST the use of sealing tablets (stop leak) in TSB 00-06-02-006:

Sealing Tablets

Sealing tablets are not used at the assembly plant for most models. Sealing tablets are generally not necessary and should not be used as a regular maintenance item after servicing an engine cooling system. The use of sealing tablets can, in some cases, produce contamination of the cooling system and/or severe discoloration of coolant.

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