alternator amps.


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alternator amps.

the alternator in my 95 mazda is rated at 80 amps.i took it to auto zone and had it checked. the first check was the battery which checked out good. the alternator was next and the voltage and regulator checked out good. when the amperage check was done it showed it to be 29 amps. i was told that the amp reading should be at least 2/3 of the rated 80 amps. or around 53 amps. what would be causing this low output. thanks, john
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The alternator is bad internally. Either an open winding or an open rectifier diode can cause low output. There could also be a problem with the voltage regulator.

Bottom line either way is you need to replace the alternator.

I don't recommend the 'lifetime warranty' alternators offered by Autozone and other big chain stores (Pep Boys, Kragen, Advance, etc.) They're usually crap. A lifetime warranty isn't worth much if you're constantly breaking down & spending 1/2 your life replacing parts.

Get your unit rebuilt by a local rebuilder or buy a good quality reman from NAPA or a local electrical shop.
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I agree with Knuckles, but go one step further.

Buy a OEM marketed rebuilt from the dealer. Better off. Updated parts, repair procedures and less problems in the long haul.

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