White smoke coming out of tail pipe


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Post White smoke coming out of tail pipe

While starting from a stopping point there will be a lot of white smoke coming from my tail pipe and when opening the hood the smoke could be seen.

1991 Dodge Colt 1.5L.

It seem that the smoke is coming from around the manifold but I'm not really sure where it is coming from.

It smells some what sweet

Yes I have an oil leak problem. Could that be the main cause of the problem: confused:

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The first thing that comes to mind is a blown head gasket..What kind of car do you have?
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Can you determine where is the smoke under the hood coming from?

How is the coolant level?

Does the "smoke" have a sweet smell?

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What does the smoke smell like? If it's sweet and white and hangs in the air, it's coolant. Blown head gasket/cracked head.

As the others said, what type of vehicle?
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you might have two problems

first, find where the smoke is coming from under the hood, you might have to drive it up on ramps to see the leak. oil usually leaks downward, so find where the smoke is and look up a little. valve cover gasket, fuel pump and crankshaft front main seal are notorious oil leakers on this engine(if it's fuel injected it's not the fuel pump, i forget the changover year from carbureted to FI)

second, valve stem seals could be leaking oil into the engine and burning it, making smoke from the tailpipe. this engine is one of the easier valve stem seal jobs to do, but you will need at least an air compressor at home to even think of doing this job.

if it's a coolant leak, fill the radiator and look for the leak, anything under the hood can trickle, seep , spray or pour out, so get a flashlight and find exactly where it's coming from. a pressure tester with the correct mitsubishi adapter works real well for this. might be worth renting/loaning for an hour.
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I had the same issue in my 97 Grand Am with the notorious 2.3 Quad 4...it was the head gasket and the sweet smell is characteristic of radiator coolant. You'll know when that gasket really goes. It will look like you're James Bond laying down a smoke-screen.

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