Honda just stops dead


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Honda just stops dead

have a '94 honda passport that will just stop running.
have had it in the shop for one month.

you will be driving down the road and it will just go dead/motor stops running.
the i check the pressure vail on the back of the motor that has the gas flowing through it, pressure there, gas there.

the motor might crank or it might have to sit over night then start right up.

the honda dealer says its something in the fuel system, but what?
they think that it is either the cylinoid or fuel pump, but not sure.

any ideas???
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Time to find another Honda dealer as this one's clueless. Either that, or an Isuzu dealer as it's a rebadged Isuzu product.

Could be a fuel pump, but you have to test it. Again, a competent dealer should be able to find the problem.
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quote: have a '94 honda passport that will just stop running.
have had it in the shop for "one month"

you definitely have it at the wrong shop, after a month, they should be a little closer to guessing at the problem. tell them they haven't fixed anything and you're not paying anything (you might still have to pay a small diagnostic fee to get your car back, they did look at it)

honda dealers get chills in their spine when they have to look at these things, they generally hate them(from the people i've talked to). isuzu dealers have been working on these for MANY years, and would greatly welcome you. a dealer would determine if you're losing spark, fuel pressure, or injector pulse. it can only be one of or a combination of these. from there, they would determine why that component was dropping out and probably fix it reasonably quickly.

if you know any more information or could describe it better, post it here, someone is bound to help, as these 'electronics' are 100% GM (ironic, made by gm, sold to isuzu, then sold to honda, then to you) this is a 'type II' DIS system.

let us know where you get.
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the last time

the last time this thing stopped was about two months ago.

i left my house and travled about ten miles and the motor stopped like it was out of gas. i was doing around 60 and just pumped the gas pedal three or four times, the motor started back.
i went about two more miles and it stopped again, pumped pedal, caught and went on.
about one more mile and it went dead again. i could not get it started by pumping the gas pedal so i stopped side of the road and checked the pressure in the line at the back of the motor.
pressure was there so i tried to start the motor, it started so i started back home to get another car as this was saturday.
i went about five miles and it stopped again, this time for good.

i had the honda towed to the dealer. went there the next morning to give them the key, it started righ up.

i told them what happened and they checked it out.
they narrowed it to the fuel system, rely or gas pump, they THINK.

said it could be fifty dollars or five hundred dollars.

i told them to keep the car and drive it home at night to lunch and over the weekend to get it to stop again as i was afraid to get out of town on this thing.

in the end they keep it for a month, put over two hundred miles on it and found nothing wrong.

problem is, this is the fourth time this happened in a year.
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checked this out

went to one of the above mentioned sites and found this

Causes of no fuel: Bad fuel pump, relay, wiring, as well as clogs in the lines or filters. On cars with electric fuel pumps in the tank, avoid running the vehicle low on fuel. Doing this removes both the lubrication and cooling ability of the pump (the fuel!). Not to mention you will suck up dirt from the tank and cause problems. Not worth it!
seams that i remember on two times the truck had been run real low on fuel and i filled the tank, the same day i had the problems.

just wandering out load.
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DO NOT run the vehicle low on fuel. This is bad for the fuel pump.
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Had a 280z that did the same thing.
Turned out to be a relay in the ignistion sys.

Also had a Nissan Max. with similar problem. That was faulty ign. module. When it got hot it quit.
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i'm curious, do you drive around with a fuel pressure guage handy?

how did you pull over and check fuel pressure?

some cars will run about 20 seconds with the fuel pump unplugged down to about 5 psi, some stall out in 2 seconds and at 25 psi. what is your fuel pressure reading? in psi? not a key or pen pushing on the schrader valve and getting a spurt of fuel, that could be 1/2 of a psi.

your isuzu(honda) rodeo, has the infamous fuel pump connector i described in detail last week for someone else. it is very notorious for corroding or simply losing contact. it is behind the right rear tire, right behind the frame, one inch from the shock absorber. it is black, square shaped, and has two wires coming in and a red and a black wire coming out directly to the fuel pump on top of the tank. i've cut that connector out and soldered the wires together on many isuzus, including the guy on here last week. the relays in the relay center are all the same, switch your fuel pump one with something not so critical, like the a/c clutch relay. if the a/c relay always worked, it will always work in the fuel pump cavity.

let us know what you find back there

running low on fuel is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, just try to keep it to a minimum, in 'theory' it could be bad. (my last car went to 194,000 miles on the original pump, the fuel guage didn't work, i drove it til the light came on then i added $10, i often ran it so low the engine popped on turns)
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Lol, Mike, couldn't help but laugh, sorry (popping around turns).

From all the OEM pump (not manufacture, pump manufacturer) literature I've read over the years, it's not a good practice.

Fuel cools and "lubricates" the pump (of course fuel is not a good lubricant). Running it low can strain the pump----not to mention suck up all kinds of good stuff into the strainer .

There have been numerous posts over the years here where someone wipes out a fuel pump and the clues to that were "I ran out of gas or low on fuel".

I do agree about the fuel pressure check with the gauge .

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