my water pump


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my water pump

I have a 97 Ford Contour. My water pump has been leaking for awhile. Does anyone know how long it will take to fix it? My family is full of mechanics and yet none of them are willing to do it. Is it that tedious of a task? Also the water pump hasn't really been leaking as much but the car is getting really hot. Not to the point where it is going to overheat but its like the fan never goes off. Anyone know what causes that?
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2.0 or 2.5?

Go to in my signature file below, print out the R&R procedure for the pump and show it to the mechanics in your family.

Then, no need for them to proscrastinate doing it---and you shouldn't. A leaky water pump could cause major engine damage.
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tension-er pulley?

Sorry guys, not trying to hijack this thread, but I have a question for Joe. Thanks to your hyperlinked web page to Joe, I was able to change out my water pump without any problems. 90 Chevrolet Camaro RS 5.0 L TBI. The serpentine belt was easy to work with. The only thing is that the pulley on the tensioner arm is now making a loud noise. I know that this can result also from bad belt, but the belt looks like it is intact. I was wondering if I sould disassemble the pulley ( there's a bolt on from that unscrews it) and pack the berrings? What do you think? Thanks in advance.
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No, the tensioner is bad and not serviceable. Time for a new one from the GM dealer.
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You should be able to buy a tensioner from AutoZone, NAPA or any other parts store for a lot less than the dealership.
Be sure to read the instructions closely, the spring load in this thing can nail you pretty good!
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Thanks alot guys. Will change it out soon as it appears to be doing ok for now, and the noise is down to a tolerable whine. At any rate, will change out as opportunity ($) allows. And when I do change it out, I will most definitely be cautious of the tension in the tensioner. Much thanks DD. Maybe I'll look @ that website in Joe's sign., very helfpful the first go around.
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Eventually, it may take out the belt and cause you to get stuck.

Don't cheap out---get it fixed right away. If the belt pops off you could overheat the vehicle and ruin it alltogether.

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