brake dust on wheels


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brake dust on wheels

2003 MAZDA 6s (3.0L). I bought this car new in January and I have to clean the front rims at least twice a week due to the brake dust. I realize that this is normal, but I was wondering if the factory installed pads are of a cheap quality type, and if there are some other brake pad manufacturers out there that are a better quality, so that the wheel cleaning could be reduced.
I have also seen advertisements for a "rim liner" that can be installed, but I am afraid they will just trap the dirt and salt between the insert and the rim.
Thank you for the response.

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This has been a problem with many cars over the years with aluminum wheels.

Talk to the dealer and see if there are other complaints. I'll bet by the time the vehicle needs brakes, Mazda will supersede the brakes to another part # which will be a different material.

The OEMs fight this battle all the time--performance versus dust versus noise. They try to find a happy medium, but sometimes it takes a while.

Skip those liners.
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They do make a pad that's supposed to eliminate squeals and dusk..Ceramic Pads..But I can tell you they're about 2-3 times more expensive than normal OE pads..You can check into those also...
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There's nothing wrong with using 'liners'. They were actually standard equipment on certain model Mercedes products in the 1980s. I've installed them on a few cars & no one has ever complained about a loss of braking performance.

I'd skip on the ceramic pads, though. They're hell on rotors.
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The last time I had to replace front pads I asked the same question at Auto Zone. I paid a little more for the pads but well worth it cause now I'm not detailing my front rims and scrubbing the white wall like I used to. I've felt no differance in braking and no noises.
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I took the car to the dealer today for 2 different recalls. While I was there, I talked to the service manager about the front brake pads spewing dust on the wheels. He informed me that just about every Mazda6 owner that comes in complains about the dirty wheels; and the manufacturer had decided to go with softer pads to eliminate brake noise. I told him that I want to have the pads replaced with a harder material and he responded that there is not an alternative for this model at this time.
Is he giving me a line of bull?
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Likely not. It may be a while before they change the pad type. It will probably take enough complaints for them to change it.
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I had the same issue with my 1992 Camaro. It was so bad in fact that the previous owner had not taken the time to clean the wheels properly and the paint on the inside of the spokes was faded to a lighter shade of red (almost pinkinsh). I went to NAPA and bought a set of the thin sheet metal dust shields. They worked so well that I had to only clean the wheels maybe once a month. The only thing bad about these shields is that if you bend them just the smallest amount, they will hit your wheel and make a god-aweful racket.

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