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Unhappy Rewire the Fan

I've got a 1988 chevy celebrity;4 cylinder motor.I would like to
wire the radiator fan to come on when I start the car. I don't
really want to buy a relay.How is this done? Thanks
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I can't see turning on the fan when you start the car, especially in a 4 cylinder car. Putting in a switch so that you can controll it is a much better idea. Do you have a temperature gauge. If so you should unplug the fan (2 wires a hot and a ground) run the ground to a screw somewhere on the chassis. Make sure the are is clean, sand or grind it down. run a wire from the battery to a switch in the interior, connect to one side of the switch and from the other side of the switch run a wire to the fan. Use at least #14 wire. Turn the switch on when hot.
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darrell McCoy
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Wiring direct is not really a good solution. Best thing to do is replace relay, not that expensive, but if you are H--- bent on rewiring it, better wire it thru ign and fuse it, then a swx. as you will forget and leave it on and walllla, dead battery in AM. How much diff are you gonna save between relay and the time and parts to rewire??? I wouldnt think of direct wiring the fan.
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I agree with Darrell. Find the problem and fix it correctly.

A new relay will set you back $20 at most. Any parts store will have it.

Wiring direct is asking for trouble and will burn out the fan motor prematurely. You'll then be dollars behind.
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Thumbs up has your relay for $12.49. Shop carefully & you should be able to buy it cheaper locally. You'd spend that much on wire, connectors, fuse, switch etc. to half-ass the job.

Fix it right & be done with it.

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