Honda Accord 98/ V6 EX Thermostat


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Honda Accord 98/ V6 EX Thermostat

MY Honda Accord 1998 41,000 miles thermostat metter is alway stay at the HOT, and I mean all the way up. Just as soon as I turn on the engine, it will jump to the hot possition, eventhough the engine is not hot. My car is not overheat, I can drive it 5 hours straight without the the engine become too hot. I don't know what cause it to jump to hot position. I change and flush the coolant fluid, but it still no help. Can you give me any advice?

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Sure sounds like a bad thermostat.
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I'd go to Alldata (Joe usually posts a link to it, and has several other good links too..) find the location of the temp sender for the gauge. Once you find it, unplug the sender, and see what happens to the gauge then after turning the key on.(no need to start the engine) It should go all the way cold..If it doesn't move most likely the gauge is bad..If it does drop down to the cold range, most likely the sender is bad..Alldata usually give test procedures (mainly resistance values, and to plug and unplug the sender..) on how to trouble shot this sort of stuff..

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