1995 Thunderbird,randomly stalls


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1995 Thunderbird,randomly stalls

A friend has a 1995 T'bird with a 4.6L V-8 and it recently starting stalling and sputtering. I changed the fuel filter and installed a new fuel pump. The problem persists. The car will idle fine for several minutes,then shuts off. The fuel pressure read
30 lbs. with the old and new fuel pump. Fuel pressure regulator ?

What do you think? Thanks.

Perry Whatley
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does the car stall only at idle? will it stay running if u press down on the gas pedal? if it does stay running, how is the engine? is it backfiring, shakes? after it dies does it restart again right away?
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I agree. Need a better description of the problem.
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The car mainly stalls when it is idling,but it did stall while going down the road. It doesn't shake,backfire or stutter;It shuts down like the key was turned off. It will restart right away,but won't stay running. After several attempts to restart it and pressing the
gas, the car will run normally. The car will stay running when you press the gas and the runs very smoothly.

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See if it lacks spark or fuel the next time it happens. Mass air flow sensors are bad for this type of problem on Fords.

Pull out any trouble codes from the computer. Have Autozone do it and post what they find here and we'll go from there.

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