auto thermostat


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auto thermostat

i pull a boat with a broncoII 1987 with 143000 miles on it and it heats up when i pullup hills in warm weather.Can i run the truck without a thermostat without hurting the motor? thanks
by the way the gaskets on the valve covers went on pretty much OK. Thanks to everyone!!

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Sounds like your system needs a good flush. Remove the thermostat, then flush the cooling system, then replace the stat with a new one.

By removing the stat completely, The ECM will not see the temperature it is looking for and try and alter your fuel trims..
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If you don't have one already, you might also install an independent transmission cooler vice using the integral one in the radiator.
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a properly functioning thermostat will never 'cause' a car to overheat

a clogged radiator, worn blade on the water pump, low coolant level, an old worn out/loose fins radiator, leaves and mud in front of the radiator, viscous fan not engaging, electric fan not working right, lean fuel mixture, partially clogged cat converter, too heavy a boat for the truck-----all these can lead to an overheat condition

ps. i hope you never put in 'stop leak' before, in the radiator.
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All are correct. Find the source of the problem and correct it.

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