97' Chevy Camaro


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Unhappy 97' Chevy Camaro

I own a 97' Chevy Camaro V6 ,automatic with appox 67,000 miles on it.
We bought it last year,and have had a few problems with it since.
There has been a off and on non starting problem from day one.
Sometimes it will just turn over,but not fire?If you wait between 5min and 2hrs it will start?
The mechanic can't find anything wrong?He replaced the starter,put in a new fuel filter too.Still a problem!
Also two module packs went,and now a oxegen sensor???
The car is very nice,is this motor common to these problems?
any thoughts on what would cause the non start problem?
I may bring it to a Chevy dealer,hopefully they may find the problem?Thanks
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The trick with intermittent problems is to troubleshoot them WHEN they are occuring. It sounds as though the mechanic is trying to diagnose/repair a no-start situation when it is not in the no-start mode. If it turns over but does not fire there should have been no reason to suspect/replace the starter. I would check around for an independent garage that is good at troubleshooting GM products. Dealership work is going to cost you a premium price. The current mechanic appears to be taking shots in the dark.
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I agree with Tow Guy... If that's been the symptom all along (turns over, but won't start) I'd be asking for my money back ASAP! When you say "won't fire" are you talking about the actual starting, or "fire" from the plug wires? Or did the shop explain this to you at all?
These car's generate a tremendous amount of heat under the hood..When replacing any electronic component, I'd recommend A/C Delco and real GM stuff... Some of the aftermarket stuff just isn't quite up to the job..(in reference to you having to replace 2 modules..)

As tow guy said, shop for a good independant shop!!
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if you could i would carry it to a shop and let them keep it a few days to see if it will do the same when theyt have it..........good luck
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I agree with all, throwing parts at the problem is not the way to go .

Describe the condition better as suggested. Cranks but won't start? No fire at the spark plugs? No fuel pressure? (Need a gauge to check that---Autozone will rent you a free one), etc, etc, etc.

Need a better description to help/recommend.
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A popular misconception is that dealerships cost more for auto repairs.The fact in my area is it's actually cheaper in some cases.Consider that Firestone,Goodyear,Procare and the like get 75 to 80 bucks an hour around here and the dealer I work at charges 53 an hour.Then consider that your problem has most likely been seen by almost every Chevy technician and will be diagnosed quicker.All this equals less money spent.Sometimes the dealer is the answer.
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Agreed, davo; the FRANCHISED independents do seem to charge premium prices for labor; have to cover those franchise fees (the local Tuffy's gets $10-15/hr more than the non-franchise garages). Average non-franchise garage labor rates here are in the $50-55 range. Dealers generally $10-20 more (exotic make dealers even more).

The biggest plus in my book for going to the 2-4 bay non-franchise independent (besides the fact that we tow for about 2 dozen of them, LOL) is that the service is more personal. How many dealerships are there where you get to talk to anybody besides the service writer (who may or may not know the difference between spark plugs and freeze plugs) and the cashier? I'll grant there are exeptions; I suspect the smaller dealerships or those in less populated areas would tend to be more personal. Easy for a customer to get swallowed up in one of the big mega-dealerships.

Try swinging into your local dealer and asking them to take a quick listen to the noise your car is making or replacing a burned out brake light bulb. Gook luck - leave your keys with the service writer and go have a seat in the waiting room.

My $.02 worth. Shouldn't have gotten into this; we always end up agreeing to disagree, LOL.
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Ya, depends on the shop. Some dealers charge for everything but the service is far superior. Some independents will wipe the floor with some dealers.

Depends on the quality of the technicians (and management).
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