1993 Honda Accord clutch

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Red face 1993 Honda Accord clutch

I have a '93 Honda Accord, and it is the first manual I've owned... I've driven the car about 10 thousand miles since I bought it used... It has 158K on it now, and all of the sudden, the clutch pedal is not feeling right.... I can push it most of the way down feeling almost no resistance, and then the last little bit, it actually resists, and allows me to shift... Now, I've also noticed a high pitched sound that sounds almost like metal dragging on the ground but, nothing is hanging from the car, so, I can only assume it is coming from the transmission? But, it started yeasterday, and tonight it is really hard to shift into gears... Feels to me like for whatever reason the clutch pedal is no longer able to release the clutch... Do I need to replace the clutch or is perhaps it simpler, like, need a new cable, or some parts inside the transmission? Not quite sure at the moment what to make of all of it. I stopped driving it for the moment, in case for the last bit of driving I need to reserve for going to a shop... I'd like this to be resolved as cheaply as possible (of course)... But, I don't know that I have the tools or knowhow to fix anything in there myself... Well, please lemme know what to do here, or what it might be... Thanks!
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Hydraulic clutch cylinder failure (if so equipped), but likely a very wasted clutch---replacement time.

158k is pretty good if it's the original clutch.
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when a clutch goes bad, it slips worse and worse until the car won't go anywhere, very rarely will it disintegrate and be bad instantly.

look under the hood and see if you have a hydraulic clutch or a cable(i think you have a cable). cables do break and result in what you have---a clutch 'engagement' problem and a pedal on the floor.

if it's a hydraulic clutch, probably most of the fluid leaked out somewhere and should be obvious. it works the same as hydraulic brakes, no fluid=no stopping, only, no fluid here=no clutch pedal.

to test if the clutch is still good, get the car to a big parking lot or a street with little traffic. put the shifter into first gear, push down whats left of the clutch pedal, start it up and drive in first gear. then stop the car WITHOUT using the clutch pedal, if the engine stalls, the clutch is good!

as for the noise, you need to pinpoint where that is coming from, might be the throwout bearing broke, causing both problems you describe. in that case, it makes sense to replace the clutch as the trans has to come out anyway to fix that (usually).

let us know
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Check the fluid in the clutch resevoir. Mine was getting like this and it was low on fluid. It will be close to the firewall in the same area as the brake fluid resevoir.

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