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Question S-10 chevy

I have a 96 s10 with 099429 miles 2.2 it just cut off going down the road I tried starting it again it started but cut right back off I have a haynrs repair manual it saids to checked fuses ECM,BATT. ECM,IGN FUSES I did both OK . the manual says to turn ingition switch to on should hear a bief noise as fuel pump come on ,I do not hear the fuel pump . there is a jumper wire test termimal you can used to hotwire the fuel pump I did this the pump run.next check relays I did ok power at relays ok 12volts , check oil prssure switch it does'nt till me how to . but there is voltsge at the connection. next test to see if there is voltsge at the fuel tank there is ( no ) voltsge at the tank ingition on or off I replace fuel filter with that many miles I thought it needed it. question is the fuel pump in gas tank or under hood if in gas tank what do I hear under hood ?

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Get a fuel pressure gauge and check fuel pressure when cranking.

The fact that the pump runs when you jump the test connector really doesn't mean much. The engine won't run without adequate fuel pressure.

The oil pressure switch is a fail-safe for the fuel pump relay. The oil pressure switch contacts will power the fuel pump once the engine has built sufficient oil pressure (usually 5 seconds or so of cranking).

It is normal to have 0 volts at the fuel pump connector with the key on/engine off. The PCM turns the fuel pump relay ON for a second or 2 when the key is first turned to the ON position. It then turns the pump OFF if no cranking signal is received.

Have you checked for spark?

By the way, did you read the very first post at the top of this forum? Most of your questions are answered there.
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I agree with Knuckles.

Are we talking about a 4.3 or a 2.2?
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Fuel pump is in the tank. There are various relays under the hood and behind glove box, maybe you are hearing one of these.

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