89 Toyota Corolla 4-door


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89 Toyota Corolla 4-door


A couple of questions--bought this car for my 16 year old son, great car, a few minor problems--

Sunroof is out of alignment, how do I fix it?
Horn doesn't work, fuse looks okay.
Winshield washer fluid reservoir is full, but doesn't spray fluid on windshield-any ideas?

Thanks--Mary Kay
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Windshield fluid, run a small stiff wire down the holes where the spray comes out of see if that helps,
Does your horn and winshield reservior run off the same fuse? It should be marked on either the fuse box or in the owners manual. You do have one don't you. If not try ebay or helm.com Joe will give you other sources. Check the continuity of the fuse or just change it.
Horn, run 1 wire straight from the battery and make sure it's working. write back with the car and more info.
Sunroof, is it power or manual? Does it flip up or slide in. Once again more info is needed.
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Hey, thanks for the reply!

It's an 89 Toyota Corolla 4-door. Power everything--doors that lock themselves, windows that don't go up and down well--but the car runs great.

My son has the car at work, so will check these items when he returns. Yes, he does have the manual.

Here are a couple of things I do know:

Horn and hazard lights are on same fuse, hazard lights do work. There is also a round plug-in (relay switch?) that is labeled horn. I can't determine if it is bad, should I go ahead and replace?

Regarding windshield washer problem, he's run a needle in the holes, but didn't help. Will try wire. Also, will check fuse for windshield resevoir. Think it might be a pump or motor? THe wipers work.

The sunroof is power, slides in and out.

Thanks a million--Mary Kay
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I thought Mary Kay drove a pink Cadillac? LOL. Wrong Mary Kay!

Determine if you hear the washer pump going or not. If you don't, it's probably finished. If you do, it's a restriction. Change the rubber vacuum lines going to the squirters on the hood. Clean them out with a pin again, they clog up. Also look at the hoses, make sure they don't have holes in them or have fallen off.

As EW mentioned, run power from the battery to the horn. If it sounds, the horn is OK, it's wiring, a bad contact in the steering wheel or the horn relay..

Sunroof problem---could be the mechanism or guides are worn out. Tough to say without seeing it myself. If the car is in good shape, have it investigated. If not, seal it up and leave it closed .

Let us know what you find.
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