95 Olds acheiva - water pump replacement


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95 Olds acheiva - water pump replacement

95 Oldmobile Acheiva, quad 4 DOHC, roughly 80K miles on it.

Friend of mine has been told by a garage that the "fins"of her water pump are going and it should be replaced. symptoms include a squealing noise which we thought was a belt at first; and short drives send the temperature near the redline. And she said one side of the radiator gets hotter than the other. We've replaced the stat already, and had the radiator power flushed.

Anyone out there done a pump on this car before? It looks like I have to rip apart half the engine just to get to the pump. (including the timing belt). Just curious if this is an afternoon do-it-yourselfer, or should she just suck it up and pay the dough to a professional. (no offense of course, just trying to save her some money).

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If it is a 2.0L engine you DO have to remove the timing belt to remove and replace the water pump. The 2.3L, 2.4L, and 2.5L engines do not require this according to the Chiltons Auto Library. I have dont a w/p on a 2.5, but not the others so you will need the proper documentation for this, ie.. a good repair manual, or use the Library online for free.
Hope this helps,
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Quad 4's are 2.3L.

Original poster: Consult autolibrary.org as suggested. Be careful about putting any green into one of these, notorious head gasket blowing moneypits .
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"fins going out"???Maybe the bearing. Is the pump leaking, is it loose on the shaft? Any play at all? Have the guy that told you that replace the pump. If it doesnt solve problem then you dont pay. With that engine I would have it checked for a blown head gasket.
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Fins==water pump impellers.
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This is very strange. We've replaced the water pump, thermostat (2 times), and most recently the radiator. That darn thing still idles around 220 degrees, and over the road gets even hotter. There's no milky look in her oil, and I don't believe she's losing antifreeze anymore. What else is there to replace that would cause all this heat??

oh yea, the other thing we noticed, is that the fan doesn't turn on until it goes redline.
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Fan doesn't turn on till redline, to me, usually means a hi/lo fan
The low ain't workin'
Find the low fan relay and test it (if pos.) or replace it (consider it maint. after 80K)
PS could fins = fan blades (broken or cracked)
That would be easy for a DIY to diagnose with a liitle poking around
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You might want to do a little research next time. You could have save yourself some headaches. Your cooling fan is not designed to come on untill 226' and will shut off around 218'. That's the temp it's SUPPOSED to be running at. Today's engines run much hotter to meet emission standards. Your problem may be merely a dash gauge that's reading too high. You can find out by simply hooking up a scanner and monitoring the temp in there while watching the on and off temps of the fan. If it's actually getting hotter that 226' on the highway, there may be a problem. First suspect would be the radiator and second would be a head gasket but first confirm that actual temp it's running at.

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