1988 Chevy S10 Blazer


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1988 Chevy S10 Blazer

I am looking at an '88 Chevy S10 Blazer with 4WD, Auto Trans, 4.3 liter engine and 141,000 miles for a first car for my son. Seems to be in good shape, no visable oil leaks, runs well and has good pick up. Steering is a little sluggish and brakes are slightly mushy, but overall its in good shape. Has something called a "throttle fuel injection", new for Chevy at the time.

Anyone had any experience with this model, good or bad? Good price at $3,000?

Thanks for your help.
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Kinda pricey for an 88' w/141,00 miles.
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3k is steep for an old ST Series like this.

The tranny if original is likely on its last legs. Pre 1989 700R4s suffer from bad pumps, 1989 and those 1988 prior which have been rebuilt are better.

The truck will run reliably, but will have a lot of annoyance problems. Have it checked out professionally and put on a lift by a mechanic to make sure it's sound before you buy it. Split the cost with the seller. If he refuses, the truck is a heap with hidden problems.

If so, skip it, these trucks are a dime a dozen.

4.3Z, 2.8R---same thing. Fuel injection was not new for 1988, it was new for 1986 in the 6 cylinder engine choices for the ST Series. '85 was the first year for FI in these models (the 2.5L)

My vote? 1500 dollar vehicle at best.
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Price depends a lot on in which part of the country you live. $3000.00 is not too far out of line in south Louisiana for a good 4WD no matter the age. Just check comparable in your area to see what your market will bear.
TFI is throttle body injection. It's basically a electronic controlled carb. I have a 89 suburban with over 250,000 miles and all I've ever had to do on my injection is change the throttle position sensor and idle motor. Not 30 minutes work combined.
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