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Exclamation Knuckles has resigned


Alan, known as Knuckles on this forum has resigned as moderator due to differences with the forum administrators (which are unfounded).

Here is an excerpt of the letter which was sent to me as well as the admins:
Apparently you & the other moderators are unhappy with the work Joe_F and I do there. I refuse to sit by and have posts made in my name......and have posts that ARE NOT IN VIOLATION OF FORUM RULES edited by other moderators.

I have never attacked ANYONE in ANY forum at I've done nothing but donate my time, information and knowledge in an attempt to help the people who visit the forum. In return, I've been attacked threatened and edited by (removed).

There are hundreds if not thousands of sites on the web where I can donate my time, knowledge, information and experience. is no longer one of them.


The root of the issue stems in someone editing his posts without his consent. I have questioned the forum admins if there is a software glitch and have received no reply in the private moderator forum to date. I can therefore only assume that driving Knuckles out is the motive here.

I am deeply troubled if this is the way the forum admins conduct themselves. Knuckles, Davo and myself provide OVER 50 years of automotive experience combined and the three of us do a dang good job here, and I think many of you will agree.

I see many stickies for moderators of various forums here, and the paucity of volunteers and the mere fact most of those stickies are STILL asking for moderators should tell you something. Volunteers are few and far between, and I challenge anyone who thinks this is easy to walk a mile in our shoes for a few years and a couple thousand posts.

I truly hope the forum won't just let 25+ years of Knuckles experience just walk away. Seems that the forums don't appreciate our work.

Shame on you forum admins, Knuckles' deserves a personal and public apology for the wrong done to him.

Knuckles is a personal friend, and I can tell you the man is a wealth of knowledge. This forum is the stellar place it is due to the fine work Davo and Knuckles provide. I might be the first to reply, but these two guys, especially Knuckles, have the depth of experience we need.

I would ask you to reply here with your comments as well as contact the forum admins at: [email protected] in support of Knuckles.

I damn know I will.

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Sorry to here he's going.

Guestoppo strikes.
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Thumbs down

Sad to hear that's the treatment he's getting, but so far it seems true.

I have already contacted the forum administration with my comments and I hope others will do the same as well as make their voice heard here in the forum on this post.

I will not stand by to let my comoderators be superseded or badgered.

This forum is the great thing it is because of the people that post and moderate here.
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Man That's just wrong! Knuckles has always given very good advice it just won't be the same without HIM.
I demand a recount!
Sounds like politcs at work!

Good luck Knuckles
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Joe_F -

I am closing this thread but leaving it unedited. I should delete the thread entirely but I'm not. Right now I'm not to happy with your actions since the post is inappropriate and full of misinformation. I will not degrade myself like I've seen you and Knuckles do often with forum members by getting into a public verbal brawl of words. In short YOU are wrong and YOU, Joe_F, are in the wrong by posting without getting more information. You automatically ASSUME Knuckles has no fault and we the forum leaders are at fault. As my Dad would say "Assumption is the basis of all screw ups/mistakes/probelms/misunderstandings".

Also, You state "I have questioned the forum admins if there is a software glitch and have received no reply in the private moderator forum to date". Well if you have then I must be blind since I have gotten NOTHING from you nor Have I seen a post in the Private Moderator's Lounge that comes close to your claim.

To All Forum Members -

We are sorry to see Knuckles leave and loose his expertise in the automotive field. Regardless, He choose to leave and was not forced to leave. We would have preferred that he stayed. He choose to leave and he choose not to work it out. The Super Moderator who edited Knuckles post was doing her job weather he liked it or not. The post in question he left over was edited because his unprofessional and inappropriate behavior which is common and has often been prevalent in this forum more then any other forum.

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Now it's time to listen to me.

I take personal offense to your comments and it's NO wonder why the forum is losing all of the good moderators around here like Smokey and Knuckles. If I wanted politics, I would have become a lawyer or a politician.

Both men got highly frustrated with the politics of things around here. My patience is wearing quite thin with it as well. You folks simply don't appreciate people who give of their time for FREE to help other people.

The only reason I remain here is because I enjoy helping people and I do a damn good job of it. Try it sometime, you'll like it. Answer some posts here with technical information. I give you that challenge.

I said it privately, I'll say it publicly: KNUCKLES DID NOTHING WRONG AND VIOLATED NO FORUM RULES.


Maybe if some of you folks spend less time in the private moderator forums and editing posts and more time "in the trenches" like the rest of us helping folks, you'd have a clue about how things REALLY go on out here.

Here's a piece of good information: Why aren't folks banging down your door to accept moderator positions on this forum? Why has there been an oustanding sticky in the small engines forum for a moderator? It's been there as long as I have been posting here.

Things like that should tell you something.

Reinstate Knuckles, apologize personally and publicly to him and let's all move on. I'd bet he's willing to come back if you clear the air and do what's right.

The ball is in your court, sir. There are plenty of forums out there that can use my and Knuckles expertise.

Let's hope you realize that might be one that's worthy of our professional time.
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