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Joe be cool don't tweak the administrator I hate to see this DIY forum die.
You and all the moderators have helped me and a bunch of other folk out. I hate to see any moderator leave. This is the best forum out there and all you guys do a super job.
I read this forum everyday and when I can I put in my 2 cents.
Good luck don't let them rain on your parade
You can fwd this to the head Honcho if you want
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Sorry Mike, I need to support what's right.

Knuckles deserves an apology, bottom line.

If you agree, then tell the forum folks. Your voices (and that goes for others) are what will set the record straight.
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I gotta say it

I went back and read the entire thread that contains the reply that Knuckles made that was eventually edited by forum administrators. Unfortunately after it was edited. Anyway, the thread reminds me of many a day when the phone would ring with someone on the other end who wanted to pick my brain about what could be wrong with their car. Not that I mind helping anyone. The problem remains that diagnosing certain types of mechanical problems, ie electrical, charging etc, nearly always needs to be done in the shop with proper tools and sometimes it can require the car be left overnight. If I recall, the original poster had already replaced the battery and alternator and had 'talked' with several different mechanics as well as having his car into at least one shop for diagnosis. Apparently he was not willing to work with anyone who could properly diagnosis and repair his car. Instead, he is the worst type of customer, the one who is expecting to be ripped off,distrusting everyone and especially wanting to go into the shop, part in hand, and have someone just replace it...because someone else told him that was the problem. I said all that to say this, unless and until you work in the automotive industry, you can't begin to understand what Joe and knuckles are saying to people, like the one mentioned, who post for help but are obviously unwilling to take the advice given. Leave these guys alone, and let the forum exist!
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Thumbs up

Well said Harley, thank you.
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joe--i hate to see knuckles choose to go, he knew how to fix all problems on all makes of cars and i was impressed, 'he' contributed greatly to this forum. i'm tending to agree with the moderators about calling someone a 'cheapskate' for being confused as to how most shops work. people complain daily in my dealership when the desk tells them there is a diagnostic charge to look at the car. it's how it works. someone posting here, not having the best description of their problem, probably not in the best of funds(91 cadillac) and looking for possibly a trend failure that might help him a little, if you read closely, that's all the guy was asking for. read it again
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True, but the poster admitted he didn't have the skills to do the job or understand the literature which would facilitate the same.

Nor would he let a shop look at the problem for any length of time to properly diagnose it.

The post was going around in circles again and again with us repeating ourselves. It was obvious the poster was burned before by a bad shop (perhaps due to misinformation, who knows).

I tried to reason with the person (Knuckles is usually the level headed one of the and that got us no where.
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did he deserve to be called a cheapskate

or a week before that did the poster deserve to be reminded he couldn't spell when asking for advice and he said he was intelligent/educated. i know plenty of people who can't spell and can fix a car pretty damn well. two even have 'degrees' and wear a shirt and tie everyday!
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My one friend is a lawyer, the other a former accountant, one is a financial/performance analyst and me, the Product Manager. All of us are "suits" . LOL.

Yet all of us fix our own stuff from cars to appliances to whatever it is that needs doing, so sure, a white collar guy can be just as handy . My dad surely was! (he died in 1988)

Back to the topic at hand here---

This poster is one you'd easily throw out of your dealership. Wants something for nothing, going to tell you how to diagnose the problem, pay for nothing and then complain to Chrysler about you. It's a wonder anyone would work on his car!

Again, if you go to the doctor and say, "I have pain in my hand", how would you feel if he said, "Yup, seen it all. You need a lobotomy---only solution".

You'd call him a quack and run for the hills. However a better doctor would ask for your medical history, ask you questions, do some tests, examine the area and determine what is causing the pain. Then, remedies and treatment options can be discussed.

Same thing with a car.

1) The poster admitted he didn't have the knowledge, aptitude or desire to fix it himself.
2) He doesn't trust mechanics and refuses to leave it with a shop long enough for them to duplicate the problem.

That's asking for a) parts changing, b) getting ripoffed, or c) getting thrown out of the shop. Or possibly all three.

The post was going nowhere and no good information was provided other than a cyclical discussion. No time for that here, sorry.

Additionally, no one else had anything to offer beyond what Knuckles and I already provided.
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awful lot of words you typed there, but you still haven't answered the two simple questions i asked!

QUESTION #1 did the guy deserve to be called a cheapskate
(that's what got edited)

QUESTION #2 did the guy last week deserve to be reminded he couldn't spell when asking an auto related question
(should have been edited)

if there's nothing more to contribute to a post, let it slide down the board, like most questions.

we don't throw anyone out of the dealer.

the two people with the degrees and 'suits' i was referring to are the ones who couldn't spell, not to mention the fact they couldn't figure out how to open a hood.
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#1 and #2:Knuckles acted appropriately. What's your opinion?

Suits versus hoods: As I said, they can fix cars and spell too. LOL.

Performance Analyst and I became friends in college only because we had last names with the same letter and they put us in the same orientation group.

At that time I was driving my 1980 orange Trans Am (originally my mother's car) to school, my buddy a 1979 Dodge Aspen 318 done up like a stock car. LOL.
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my opinion is that people don't need to be criticized or degraded in a 'professional' forum.

also, people really don't like to hear that their daily driven, paid-off car is a heap/clunker/junker/colossol bomb, you really should sit back and look at all your comments. tone of voice can't be distinguished online and many people do take offense, even if you are just joking.
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I guess Knuckles and I try to help everyone, but hey, you can't please everyone, and the price is right, so take it for what it's worth.

The advice given here costs $65 an hour or better at most dealerships and with all the pros here, that's a dang good deal for free.

All of my stuff is paid for too. Call it crap if you'd like, no sweat to me. Sure, the Cavalier I drive is crap---as lackluster as it gets, but it does the job and I can probably rebuild it in my sleep for next to nothing in parts. Stellar vehicle? No way.

What service am I doing a person to tell them to put hundreds of dollars into a car like that which isn't worth $500? The money is better spent on something else---take a look at all angles, that's all.

Sure, if you want to invest $3000 into a 1986 Yugo, your balliwick, I'll try to help you. Economically, you've made a bad choice, and you should know that, that is all.
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The real issue here is to get Knuckles back for the benefit of the forum.

I received an e-mail from one of the admins (who I helped with her car recently), that they are looking into what happened here.

Hopefully we will have a peaceful resolve and we'll all live happily ever after .
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So, we will see what happens .
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Hhhmmm, been away too long--missed that one--but I found the description of that character to match mine! I am a cheapskate, and I do not trust dealers!LOL! That is why I lurk here! It is called DOITYOURSELF. All MY crap is paid for--can't stand payments on junk that just gets beat to hell driving these damn roads! New cars that you drive everyday are the worst investment you will ever make. Now my wife--she has to have a "new" car, as long as I don't have to make the payment or work on it that is fine with me--my junk keeps me busy! Good day to you all! Hope Knuckles comes back!

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