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I had a transmisson rebuilt by a reputable shop, when I went to pick up the car I was told that the raditaor was leaking and that it had happened during the test drive. I already knew that the radiator had to be replaced and had ordered one at another shop before the tranny work. I did not drive the car to the other shop I had a tow truck take it. When I got to the raditaor shop I statred the car to put it into the service bay and noticed a strong vibration coming from the engine I called the tranny shop and waas told to bring it back as soon as it was done at the tranny shop,which I did, when I got to the tranny shop they told me that new tranny was ok but that since it had been rebuilt it now had more power than the old one and had broken a motor mount, they showed me the motor mount on the rear of the engine and told me it needed to be replaced, but that all three mounts were needed to be changed at the same time for a total of 600.00. I have since taken to my other mechanic for a second opinion and he tells me that the motor mount is not broken and that he thinks there is something out of balance eith the tranny (torgue convertor?) HELP !!! Now for the car Info.
92 chrysler fifth avenue with a 3.3L motor, A604 tranny with front end drive. by the way the motor mounts only cost 150.00-175.00 at Auto Zone, not the 400.00 the tranny shop wanted for them.
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The tranny shop should have caught the "bad" motor mounts when they did the R&R of the tranny and advised you at that time.

If the second mechanic will assess it is NOT the motor mounts, back to the first tranny shop to have them correct the problem.
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Was the vibration there before you took it to the shop to get rebuilt? Did the tranny shop actually show you where the mounts were broken, or was it the "they're kind of weak and need to be changed" story?
Best I can remember, there's a mount at the front of the engine (next to passanger fender), there's a mount at the bottom of the radiator (goes between radiator core support and transmission) and a last mount on the transmission. It runs from the driver's fenderwell to the transmission. There is no "rear" mount..
One thing that can cause the vibration is a large nut on the transmission mount NOT being put back on...The bolt that goes through the transmission mount and bracket is about 4-5 inches long. It runs from the fenderwell into the engine compartment. The bracket it goes through is threaded. There's also supposed to be a large "brass" (looks like brass but isn't) nut on the end of that same bolt. I've seen many shops "toss" the nut cause it doens't look like it actually does anything..I was told many years ago by a Chrysler transmission builder (35 years building for Chrysler) that it's there to dampen some sort of harmonics within the tranny..If it's not there, there will be a heck of a vibration...
As to the price of the mounts, could be the tranny shop was going by dealer price, and not Autozone..
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mounts gradually wear out. a rebuilt trans will not cause one to break, there is no extra power(power comes from the engine)

if it's really broke now, it either was broke before the rebuild, or it was broke during the rebuild.

the one thing i've seen before is the trans mount can be sometimes reinstalled and the through-bolt is not installed into the correct hole, it's installed outside the sleeve it's supposed to be in and results in a lot of vibration coming into the vehicle

which exactly mount is it??

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