transmission line leak


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transmission line leak

I have an 89 chevy baretta 4cyl. ( i think it is a 2.2 or 2.4 ltr. engine) with ac. their are 2 small lines that are about 3' long that go from the transmission to the radiator. they start out with steel tubing at the radiator then go to rubber with some sort of crimp connector, then back to steel where they go into the transmission. the one line is leaking fluid quite a bit at the crimp between the steel and rubber transition. I need to replace them and the auto parts store does not have the hoses all made up. they have the stuff to make them up ( steel tubing , rubber hose etc.). just wondering how you do this and how you attach the rubber to the steel. do they make special connectors. Also, what size would the steel tubing be because i have several sizes of tubing benders here at work and hopefully i have the right size. thanks for the info
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darrell McCoy
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IMO, get the lines from the dealer and save yourself a headache.
The lines are most likely 5/16 or 3/8 easy to measure, and you will need the connectors that fit into radiator and trans. Plus all rubber to steel connectors and HD oil resistant hoses. OEm is the way to go on these.
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I agree. If it's steel/rubber combination, get the OEM lines (if still available).

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If oe lines are not available you can remove the crimp clamps(carefully with a hacksaw cutting around the clamp then lengthwise)change the hose and use 2 worm clamps at each end.
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i have to agree with davo on this one as i've been successful doing this more than once.

the toughest part is cutting off the crimp connector, without an air cut-off wheel, it will take some concentration. try not to cut the steel line, underneath the crimp connector is a perfect factory barbed end, perfect for you to cut back the rubber hose 1/2 inch, slide it on to the ring and use two good clamps opposite each other like davo just said. when cutting the crimp, try to make a long slot, then peel the fitting off with a good pair of wire cutters(side cutters)

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Call up Gates or Omega or one of the hose/rubber companies. Sometimes they offer these in their lines as ready to install part #s. It would be similar in construction to a power steering hose.

Also, some better parts stores can MAKE the line from scratch just like the originals.

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Yep, what davo said!
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Don't know about you, but the right parts list for $40 at GM for the pair and can be had for less if you shop around .

(Hint: ).

GM #10108218 and 10108219 will do it for this 89 2.0-1 engine .
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