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Question 1991 Honda

My son recently purchased a 1991 Honda Civic-4 cyl., automatic and it ran quite well for the first few days. He claimed getting gas mileage in the 30 mph range. Then, two days ago as he was heading home, he heard what he can best describe as a screeching, and "gurgling" sound. He was able to pull into our driveway but the engine had stopped. He was able to re-start it at that time. Because of what he thought was a gurgling sound, he thought it might be related to coolant We filled the overflow reservoir uo with pure coolant. A day or two later, he added pure water. We checked the oil and that was within limits on the dip stick. The Honda ran another couple of days but then the same symptons-sounds-occured but this time, after the engine quit, it would not restart. It will turn. I checked for spark at the distributor and it was o-k. I also thought, because he had mentioned a "screeching" it might be belt-related. All belts I could see were intact and turned ok when the starter was engaged. I also thought, perhaps it might be timing-belt related so I opened the oil-filler cap in the valve cover. I reasoned if I could see the rocker-arm movement when the starter was engaged, that belt must be still connected with the crank. The rocker arms move so I assume the timing belt is o-k. I do not have a shop manual for this car. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Have you inspected the water pump? Could be that. Sounds like it's seizing/getting there.

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