a couple questions


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a couple questions

1986 Volkswagen Golf GTI
1) Fuses for rear end lights keep blowing, replaced bulbs and fuses, wrapped up some wire casings that had worn away. takes longer to blow, but the fuse blows none the less.

2) Alternater drivebelt/bearings screach when in low gears, stops once i reach above 3000 RPMs, how do i figure out what is makeing the screach/ how do i fix it
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question #2 i know my friend replaced the bearings in his alternator in the same vintage vw as yours, i never heard the noise though. belt noises almost always go away with a small amount of water squirted on it(a squirt bottle, not a garden hose), if the noise is unchanged---it's a safe bet that it's inside the alternator or another accessory, try taking off one belt at a time and the water trick until you narrow it down.

question #1 fuses only blow for a short--it's up to you to find it. adding a bigger fuse will only make a much bigger problem for you, then you will most likely be replacing the entire harness if the car doesn't catch on fire----yes it will. peel some of the wrapping you just put on and see if any wires are melted together

there's an excellent 'vw-only' shop near my house, been in business a very long time, if you want their number, i can forward it to you, maybe they've seen something like this before.
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Agree. #2---check alldata.com for any bulletins that might match your symptoms.

#1: If the belts haven't been changed in four years' time, throw 'em out and replace them with new ones. At that time, inspect any accessories for misalignment or wear.

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