Disable Service Engine light


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Disable Service Engine light

Is there a way to disable or reset the service engine light on a 98 Pontiac Montana?

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why not

fix the problem that's causing it before you toast your catalytic converter or begin to enjoy driveability issues?
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Disable the light, no we cannot tell you how to do that.

As Otter stated, we can help you fix the cause of the light. Start by going to an Autozone store and having them scan for codes. Post here what they tell you.
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Electrical tape over the idiot light! LOL!
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1/16" drill bit works too.

Seriously though, you should fix the problem otherwise as noted in previous responses your gonna spend some big bucks on a new convertor, not to mention all the extra gas you are burning up.

When the light is on you ecm goes into a "limp-in" mode, the computer runs a basic program cranks the timing and dumps fuel at the engine to get you to a garage.. (this is a real basic expanation)...
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What is 'ecm'? Can someone explain what the catalytic converter does?
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ecm is short for electronic control module some people refer to them as a computer.
catylitic convertor is on the exhaust system of a vehicle and basicly reduces emissions emmited by the vehicle to reduce pollution.
if your check engine light is on it means that your computer has detected a problem with your vehicle and it has stored a code in its memory, not getting it atleast checked could cost you more in the long run cause it could cause other items to fail such as the convertor if the vehicle is running to rich it can often damage a convertor.
but there is no way of knowing until you atleast have the codes read and if you have a local autozone they can perform this for you, or most any repair shop can also check your vehicle out for you and advise you of what it needs to fix the problem.
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