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auto paint

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auto paint
I just used those little bottles of touch up paint to dress up a few spots that needed it. Now I have two questions: 1-in order to make them more smooth should I use a mild compound and rub it around lightly or wet sandpaperabout 400grit? ?please don't laugh but would powdered comet do? 2- the car is a 2001 and the spots are inconspicuous that's why I'm doing this.Actually I came into a high slanted driveway the rubbed the front under side of the bumber most of the scrape is on the underside. I have a prevall sprayer but don't know how much I should thin the paint with and what to use. Years ago there was laquer, enamel etc but I can't get much info from auto body guys for obvious business reasons.
The paint is qm1 cloud white on a 2001 Nissan Sentra. If I could find the right material to mix into it I could apply a fine spray instead of those shake and sprays in the car stores. I would even settle for one of those but I don't think they have come out with one for a 2001.
Well if you could help I'd appreciate it.
BTW, if you send me somewhere else like auto is there someway I can copy and paste or get this message to the place you send me so I don't have to hen peck all over again.
Thanx and have a good day,

P.S. I do not know if I have broken a rule but I wrote this in the paint section and thought they might send me here so I tried control c then control v and it appeared.
I would appreciate the constructive criticism if appropriate as this is a great site and I do not want to abuse it.
Thank you,

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Try gently wet sanding the finish you applied to blend it with the surrounding surface.

A body shop supply house is the best resource for this type of job---they supply body shops in and out and are staffed by knowledgable folks.
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Thank you very much for your help.
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