cv joints '95 camry


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cv joints '95 camry

Thank you for taking my question,
I ask ya'll about changing the cv joint on a 1995 toyota camry
I finally got a chance to get under the car. It looks to me that the only thing that is bad is the out board rubber boots. is it possible to change the boots only or do I have to replace the transaxles ?
and is it feesable to just change the boots? The transaxles look like thy are brand new the car only has 56,000 miles on it .
Thank You
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Yes it is possible to change just the boot versus the entire axle. The key is how long has the boot been torn, how badly is it torn ( a split versus a huge hole), how much grease is still left in the joint, and is there any noise from the joint..(popping, clacking sounds while making turns..)
There are some models that require you to take apart the inner joint in order to put the outer boot on. In these cases, time and money usually make it worth while to replace the entire axle..
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I've had three sets of axles replaced for 3 FWD cars. Even though your axles may look OK, there is no telling how much dirt/contamination has found it's way up into the bearings. This will dilute the grease vital to the front end. It's much easier per several mechanics to pull the entire axle and replace it than to fool around with disconnecting the CV joints.
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Agree. For the amount of work involved to get it all apart, replace the axle assemblies and be done with it.
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And for the cost of the CV joints (both), plus time, labor, frustration and annoyance, it is STILL cheaper to replace the whole axle with a rebuilt one.

Rebuild quality varies widely, so choose a quality rebuilt and don't only shop on price.
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