Transmission question


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Transmission question

Car : 1988 Dodge colt DL
Transmission : Automatic
Engine : 1.3LTR 4 spark plugger

Hey, my dad just bought this car for me and he says nothings wrong with it except for the timing and the vavle's need to be adjusted. ok so my question is when i go into drive the car jerks into the gear so im like "uh oh" becuase my last car had a bad transmission and it did the same thing and we ended up having to replace it. anyways when i go into drive (D) it jerks into gear, does that have anything to do with the timing or the vavles? or the fact that the car has been in storage for a long time and the engine has 108.423 miles on it
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How's your idle? Could be running to high rpm when you're going into drive.
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so set the timing, adjust the valves, make sure the idle is where it should be too(under 1000 rpm, like 6-700 should be good) the underhood sticker will have the exact number.

have you driven the car, does it shift through all the gears(3 or 4), if you have a trans problem(an electronic one) the trans usually starts out in second or third on these, that feels like a good clunk when you put it into drive.

might be as simple as a worn or broken motor mount(you have four of these).

are you sure it's a 1.3L, not a 1.5L
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Yea, its a 1.5Liter

the car runs fine through all the gears, i never actually thought of the fact that the "CLUNK" could be caused by too high of RPM, thanks for the ressurance =) im sure it'll work out its just i needed it to commute to work , the body outside and in looks almost new and it was $400 from someone that couldnt drive anymore =/ . I'll give you folks an update! Thanks for ur help.
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It could have stale gas from storing it! Gasoline goes bad when it sits too long.

When was the last time it saw any maintenance? Being a 400 dollar, it's going to need some TLC to bring it to roadworthy condition.

Be careful about dumping a lot of green into one of these.....

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