1996 buick lesaber


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Angry 1996 buick lesaber

I have a 1996 Buick LeSaber Custom with 131,234 miles on it. It has been a great car. I have a problem now, i have taken it to several shops and they all say that it is the alternator. I have put two alternators on it now and it still does this........

When the car idles the rpms rise and drop. The voltage gauge in the dash bounces back and fourth. When i turn on the head lights the voltage drops from 17 amps to about 13 amps then it recovers. I turn on the turn signal the samething happens. I push on the brakes and the smaething happens. At night, when the headlights and the dash lights are all on, the lights pulseate, and the voltage meter is bouncing back and fourth from like 17 amps to 16 amps, just enough for the lights be dim and bright, almost like the car is blinking. Then all of a sudden the rpms will drop off again. I have had all of the ground wires checked and still nothing, i have it checked for codes and nothing, i have also had alternator cheked to see if it sending enough volts and it is. Can anyone please help......my email address is [email protected]
thank you
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Sounds like you're bringing to parts changers, not real shops...

1) If the alternators you got are not AC Delco rebuilds, return them and install one....

2) Have a GOOD electrical shop go through the charging system circuit. You have a loose wire or errant ground somewhere. Check the battery and alternator connections closely for corrosion, tightness and soundness.

3) Don't trust the dashboard gauge, it is useless. Use a digital volt/ohm meter to do the checking of the circuit.
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If by chance it has original battery, check the + post. May be loose internally. Also one AC Delco alt is worth 3 "Aftermarkets"
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Agree with both!! On these cars, it's usually a problem with the duel positive battery cable set-up.. Corrosion between the 2 cable ends..
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I have taken it to both a parts changer and a well established electrical shop. In fact the guy at the electrical shop had it for three days and could not find any loose or damaged wires. It has been replaced with an ac delco alternator. I have used a volt ohm meter and it shows that it is doing the samething, bouncing back and forth. I have also put two batteries in the car, i have not changed the cables yet i will do this today and let you know what happens. Does any one think that it could be bad pcv, o2, or egr. Just wandering. thanks for all of your responses.
big chief
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Are you SURE it's an AC Delco alternator? Tell us what you paid for it, and I"ll tell you if it is---give us the part # of it.

Many people think because an independent rebuilder rebuilds their alternator or supplies an AC Delco case that it's a Delco. NO! AC Delco rebuilds are REDONE by them (actually an outside company but to GM specs).

Check your cables closely----I believe the problem is here.
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