Stalling Problems


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Stalling Problems

Hello: I just want to ask a question regarding ECM ignition modules and crankshaft sensors. On a 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity with 2.8 FI engine it seems to have a problem with sudden shutoff and inability ro restart. If let sit 10-15 minutes it wll usually restart but then recurs after a few miles. When it is diagnosed it is always an ECM and crankshaft sensor that is needed. My question is, I am unfamiliar with these parts and in all the cars i have owned I have never had this go bad. Now, this car has needed these in 1994, 1998, 2001, 2002, and 2003, and I was wondering why so often and if anything could be reason for so many failures. The car has 155000 miles on it now, and close to 100000 when this started occurring. They have been replaced by different shops at different times and I do not doubt the diagnosis or solution, but is this just a problem with this car or is there something else that could be causing it? And if nobody knows, is there a contact at GM that I could write or email to learn more? Now it seems to be occurring every year and leaving me stuck somewhere. The car seems good in generaland is fairly well maintained, and I dont want to get rid of it, but isnt this an awful lot of failures?
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Poor quality parts is probably the answer. If the shop is not using Delco parts when they change them, your problem is here.

Aftemarket electronic parts vary WIDELY in quality, and some are really bottom barrel stuff.

As for GM, they will just say "use Delco/GM parts for best results". Fat chance of them caring about a car this old---they are in business to sell new cars.

On their watch cars like this (and my 84 Olds 88) should have died a long time ago in their book.
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ecm, ignition module, and crank sensor, is 3 different parts and while any one of them could fail i dont see all of them failing or even 2 of them failing at the same time.
one reason for repeat failures could be brands of parts that was used to replace them usually you get what you pay for when it comes to electronics on cars.
on the manufacturers design they mounted the module in a location that would cause it to get very hot which i would imagine isnt good on any electronics life span, as per the crank sensor it is plastic and cheaply made but so is about any car manufacturers crank sensors not just gm's
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Thanks for replies. I read other posts on this subject and I guess I can be thankful I have not had more trouble.I am not a mechanic, but cars are just getting too complicated to comprehend. Guess the answer is keep fixing it or buy a new one and start all over. Anyway, by past experience it should be good for another year. Thought I might find some cause for it but I guess they just go so far then quit.
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Again, the quality of the parts is KEY!!!

If poor quality parts are being used, yes they will fail and fail again. Question your mechanic as to which brand is being used and perhaps specify a GM/Delco part on the next "failure".

Again, some electronic parts in the aftermarket vary widely in quality.

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